Petition for a Safe Online Return to University of Iowa

Want to sign the petition? Here’s the link:

The following is full text of the Public Petition that was shared during today’s press conference:

We support growing calls for the University of Iowa to commit to safe, high-quality online instruction in Fall 2020.

COVID-19 cases continue to surge in Iowa; nearly 900 Iowans have already died. Testing is not widely available and tracing capacity is limited. Some localities have mask mandates in place, but our state and nation do not. School districts in Iowa college towns are struggling with plans to reopen while facing the reality that thousands of students returning to campus may spark serious local virus outbreaks.

Despite these risks, the University is planning for a physical return to campus, heightening already dangerous conditions for students, instructors, faculty, and staff by prioritizing face-to-face instruction. A safe return to face-to-face instruction is impossible due to the limited availability of adequate physical classroom space and the lack of provision for frequent testing, contract tracing, or the medical and logistical support necessary for the safety of all workers on campus.

The University of Iowa has so far failed to be a responsible community health partner by not doing everything in its power to limit the spread of the coronavirus.

To prevent an even greater public health crisis, we demand that the University limit the number of people returning to Iowa City by offering online-only instruction and requiring remote work whenever possible for Fall 2020.