Instructor Pledge with List of Signatories

If you are an instructor at UIowa and haven’t signed the pledge, follow this link:

The following is the full text of the Instructor Pledge, “A Commitment to Safe, High-Quality, Online Instruction at the University of Iowa for the Fall 2020 Semester,” along with the current list of 381 signatories from around the University:

We are providers of classroom instruction at the University of Iowa who are committed to providing the safest and highest-quality educational experience currently possible for our students—which right now means planning to deliver our fall courses online. 

Whereas, the health and safety of students, employees, and residents of Iowa City and surrounding communities must be our first priority, and;

whereas, state and national responses have proven woefully ineffective in checking the spread of COVID-19, our state does not have in place the comprehensive testing and tracing systems necessary for safe reopening of major institutions like universities, and;

whereas, while we collectively battle an unpredictable and deadly virus, remote work and online teaching must be required wherever possible, not granted as options only to those willing to disclose private health information about themselves or the people with whom they reside, and;

whereas, campus health and safety is entwined with community health and safety and the fate of children and families in our local school district which has, in part due to the risk posed by in-person instruction in a community where thousands of college students are about to return, put health and safety first by opting for online instruction until at least October, and;

whereas, it is counter to public health goals and patently unfair to require only some courses to meet in person, especially when the lion’s share of in-person instruction would fall to non-tenured faculty and graduate instructors, putting those whose employment is most precarious in the most danger, and;

whereas, as educators we bear an obligation to model rational, evidence-based decision-making for our students, and to lead with commitments based on the sound guidance of epidemiologists and public health experts, including many of our own respected colleagues, therefore;

We do hereby pledge:

As faculty members, instructors, or teaching assistants who provide classroom instruction at the University of Iowa, we will further the education of our students and protect the health and safety of our campus and community by devoting ourselves to planning for the safest, highest-quality online experience for our students in the Fall 2020 Semester.

Signatories as of 4/3/20:

Name Department / Unit Role / Title
Qi QiDepartment of Computer ScienceResearch Assistant
Chenchen DingCollege of educationgraduate student
Zhen WangStatistics & Actuarial ScienceGraduate Assistant
James GalvinWriters’ WorkshopProfessor
Elizabeth WillisWriters’ WorkshopProfessor
Jessica Welburn PaigeSociology/African American Studies; CLASAssistant Professor
Hem PaudelRhetoricLecturer
Victor RaySociology and African American StudiesAssistant Professor
Olivia ClementEnglishTA
Louise SeamsterCLAS, Sociology and Criminology/African American StudiesAssistant Professor
Jennifer GlanvilleCLAS, Sociology & CriminologyProfessor and Chair
Juan Carlos DiazSpanish and PortugueseTeaching Assistant
Patrick A Dolan Jr.GWSS/SJUSLecturer
Elana D. BuchAnthropologyAssociate Professor
Ailey PicassoUniversity of Iowa, American StudiesTeaching Assistant
Michael SwellanderCLAS, GermanVisiting Assistant Professor
Melanie KasselCreative WritingAdjunct Professor
Sean GundersonPhysics and AstronomyTeaching Assistant
Kyra SpenceCollege of Arts and SciencesGraduate TA
Rosemary L MooreCLAS, History/ClassicsDistinguished Associate Professor of Instruction
Cody SchlitterHealth and Human Physiology/HPASAssistant to Instruction
YUKI SHIMIZUAsian and slavic language and culturesinstructor
Michael WardCLAS/Health and Human PhysiologyLecturer
Hallie AbelmanAmerican StudiesPhd Candidate & TA
Sebastián LoresSpanish and PortugueseTA
Melissa FebosEnglishAssociate Professor
Donika KellyEnglishAssistant Prof
Kevin JosephsSpanish & PortugueseGraduate TA
Javier HernandezSpanish And PortugueseSpanish TA
Will RhodesCLAS, EnglishAssistant Professor
Darcy DiesburgLiberal Arts and Sciences, PsychologyGraduate student
Melissa Lehan MackinNursingAssociate Professor
Brooks CashbaughCLAAS, SAAH, Drawing and PaintingGraduate Instructor
Cassandra BausmanCLASLecturer
Hyeri HongCollege of EducationGraduate Research Assistant
Giauna NevilleJazzJazz TA
Constance BermanCLASProfessor Emerita
Kristy Hartsgrove MooersTheatre ArtsLecturer
John McKerleyCollege of Law, Center for Human RightsAdjunct Lecturer
Sean LaugheadCLAS, DanceGraduate Teaching Assistant
Luke WhitakerUniversity of Iowateaching assistant
Nathan DePuyDepartment of French and ItalianGraduate Teaching Assistant
Peter LarsenAmerican StudiesTeaching Assistant
Tobin DykstraCLASGraduate Research Assistant
Kyle AyersDepartment of DanceGraduate Teaching Assistant
Michael LandezDanceGraduate TA
Johanna Lopez VeladorHistoryTA
Matt BroschardPsychological & Brain SciencesGraduate Student
Erik FileanESL ProgramsLecturer
Matthew HippsCLAS, Cinematic ArtsGraduate Teaching Assistant
Miriam Velez-BermudezPsychological and Brain SciencesGraduate Assistant
Jane MillerDepartment of Psychological and Brain SciencesTA
zhen ZhangCLAS department of Frenchteaching assistant
Mary AldugomPsychological and Brain SciencesTA
Kelly HillSchool of MusicVoice Area Lead TA
Celine FenderHESAGraduate Fellow
Stephen WardellCinematic ArtsGraduate Teaching Assistant
koku GamiaFrench DepartmentTA
Will JenningsRhetoricAssociate Professor of Instruction
Robert MaxtonPhysicsTeaching Assistant
Stephanie TsankRhetoricLecturer
Larson FritzRhetoricTA
Carrie SchuettpelzRhetoricLecturer
Frank DurhamSchool of Journalism & Mass CommunicationAssociate Professor
Andrew LewisCLAS, ESL ProgramsLecturer
Carolyn LiuEnglishTA
Michael Andrew ZmolekInternational Studies / HistoryLecturer
Laurel SandersCLAS, HistoryTA
Patrick BradyCLAS, HistoryGraduate Teaching Assistant
Thelma TrujilloDepartment of EnglishGraduate Teaching Assistant
Jihye (JJ) ParkSociology/CriminologyGraduate Student
Joseph SchwenkerUniversity of Iowa, Master of Computer ScienceTeaching Assistant
Kristen TurnerHealth and Human PhysiologyGraduate Student
Derick DelloroHHPGraduate Student
Dominic DongilliAmerican Studies; Obermann Center for Advanced StudiesGraduate Assistant
Kathleen Maris PaltrineriGELTA
Zhen WangCLAS, Dept of Statistics & Actuarial ScienceGraduate Assistant
Zongyi XuStatistics and Actuarial Sciencegraduate assistant
Arya S AfshariPhysicsResearch Assistant
John Phillip TappenDepartment of American StudiesTeaching Assistant
Aiden M. BettineHistoryGraduate Instructor
Ana LockeCollege of Liberap Arts and ScienceTA
Andrew CardenasLiberal Arts, RhetoricGraduate TA
Joseph GloverDepartment of PhilosophyTeaching Assistant
Jessica DzielinskiSchool of art and art history- painting & drawingTA, basic drawing
Katarina PerovicDepartment of PhilosophyAssociate Professor
Kuann FawkesCommunity and Behavioral HealthTeaching Assistant
Nathan ChaplinCLAS, HistoryGraduate Instructor
Dalton BensonCollege of Liberal ArtsGraduate Instructor
E Mariah SpencerEnglishGraduate TA
Anna JensenCLAS / HHPLecturer
Alex VossCLAS / HHP / SRMLecturer
Conor HiltonCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences, RhetoricGraduate Instructor
Laura MoserCLAS, ClassicsGraduate TA
Laura R. GrahamCLAS, AnthropologyProfessor
Faith WilfongAnthropologyTeaching Assistant
Katherine LinderSociology and CriminologyGraduate Student
Hansini MunasingheSociologyGraduate Teaching Assistant
Leslie SchwalmCLAS/GWSS/HistoryDepartment Chair and Professor
Yi-Hsun TangMusic DepartmentTeaching Assistant
Geng ZhangMusic SchoolTeaching assistant
Karen NicolettiCreative WritingAdjunct Instructor
Kelci MuellerDepartment of Sociology & CriminologyTeaching Assistant
Hannah EspySociologyTeaching Assistant
Abagail PetersenCLAS, Creative Writing-Writers’ WorkshopCreative Writing Instructor
John F. FinamoreCLASProfessor
Blaine GretemanCLAS/EnglishAssociate Professor
Haomin LiPublic Health, BiostatisticsPhD Student
Drew EtienneCLAS, School of Art and Art HistoryInstructor of Record
RAJORSHI DASEnglishTeaching Assistant
sanjna singhCLASGTA
Lei WangEnglishGraduate Teaching Assistant, Nonfiction
Amir AdamIowa Writers’ WorkshopEnglish Instructor
Gabriela Tully ClaymoreDepartment of EnglishTA
Megan WoodCLAS/Department of Spanish and PortugueseTeaching Assistant
TQ GeorgePhilosophyTeaching Assistant
Jess KiblerNonfiction Writing ProgramGraduate Teaching Assistant
Maria CapecchiEnglishGraduate Instructor
Kyler DillEnglishTeaching Assistant
Lachlan HinwoodSAAH, PaintingTA
David GooblarEnglish and GWSSAssistant Professor
Jake JonesIntermedia, School of Art and Art HistoryTA
Jean K. GordonCLAS, CSDAssociate Professor
John RubioAmerican StudiesPhD Candidate
Carrie Elizabeth SwansonCLAS PhilosophyAssociate Professor
Caleb KlipowiczDept of AnthropologyGraduate Teaching Assistant
Ann M RhodesCollege of NursingClinical Professor
Kaden St OngeLiberal arts, EnglishTA
Katharine GilbertCLAS, Deptartment of French and ItalianTeaching Assistant
Kathy LavezzoEnglishProfessor
Will YagerCLAS, DPA, MusicGraduate Teaching Assistant
Naomi J. GreyserAmerican Studies, Englishassociate professor
Kathleen ShaughnessyEnglish Department/LiteratureGraduate Instructor
Rosemarie ScullionCLASAssociate Professor
Laurel FarrinCLAS SAAHProfessor
David DrakeIIOHR, College of DentistryProfessor of microbiology & infectious diseases
Michael KratochvilCLAS, MathematicsTeaching Assistant
Claire FoxEnglish, CLASProfessor
Jacki RandHistoryAssociate Professor
Stephen CummingsSocial WorkClinical Associate Professor
Katina LilliosAnthropologyDEO/Professor
Stacey L PeekCollege of Liberal Arts and SciencesGraduate Research/Teaching assistant
Meghanne Bartlett-ChaseCollege of Education – Schools, Culture, and SocietyGraduate Student and Teaching Assistant
Shenghao GengChemistryTeacher assistant
Carrie WilbertCollege of EducationResearch Assistant
Praneel SamantaDepartment of Mathematics, CLASGraduate Teaching Assistant
Rose Schreiber-StainthorpSchool of Art and Art HistoryGraduate Teaching Assistant
Morgan ParrPsychologyTA/RA
Margaret SheppardEnglishTeaching Assistant
Corey Hickner-JohnsonRhetoricLecturer
Jeremy KingsburyCLASTA
William Tyler ReynoldsCLAS, Mathematics & StatisticsTeaching Assistant
Levi SandsCLAS, Sociology and CriminologyGraduate Teaching Assistant
Ruchika SharmaCollege of EducationResearch Assistant
Bria PowellCLASGraduate Teaching Assistant
Rosemary LeeDepartment of BiologyPhD student
M. CoxPsychological and Quantitative FoundationsTeaching Assistant
Jacob PembeltonMusic/Jazz StudiesGraduate TA
Daniel KnippCLAS, SociologyGraduate Assistant
Riley HanickEnglishTeaching Assistant
Sean-Patrick O’BrienDepartment of Theatre ArtsTA (Teaching Assistant)
Trent OlsonEarth and Environmental SciencesTeaching Assistant
Jiawei WangCollege of BusinessGraduate Assistant
George RozsaAMSTGTA
Nate FergusonTheatre ArtsGraduate Assistant
Amrei OswaldCLAS, MathematicsTeaching Assistant
Tasha LindoLanguage, Literacy and Culture, EducationStudent teacher supervisor
Mark RheaumeMusic and RhetoricTeaching Assistant
Kenneth ElliottCLAS, Department of ClassicsTeaching Assistant
Bryanne EstesCLAS, EnglishGEL Instructor, PhD Candidate
Julie SandsSociology and CriminologyTeaching Assistant
Rachel TorresPolitical ScienceGraduate Student
Chuan LuMathematicsPhD student
Kobong ChoiEducational Policy and Leadership StudiesTeaching assistant
Yariana DiazMathematicsGraduate student
Ang MalendaCommunication StudiesTeaching Assistant
Abdinasir K. AliCollege of Public HealthGraduate Research & Teaching Assistant
Ming HuSchool of MusicTeaching Assistant
Lauren PetersCommunication StudiesTeaching assistant
Katie PriskeCollege of Education, Teaching and LearningGraduate Assistant
philip zaborowskiRhetoricGraduate Teaching Assistant
Kelli RushekEducation, Teaching and LearningDoctoral Candidate
Marie CulpepperCLAS, Department of French and ItalianGraduate Teaching Assistant
Julianna VillarosaCinematic ArtsTA
Katy BiddleCommunication StudiesGraduate Assistant
Geoffrey HughesEducationInstructor
Naiara LeaoCLAS, Religious StudiesPhD student/ TA
Ariane ThomasAnthropologyTeaching Assistant
Mike SebastianCLAS, SAAH, SculptureGrad student/TA
Rachel SudbeckEnglishGraduate Instructor
Jacquelyn AlpineWriters’ WorkshopAdjunct Instructor, recent graduate
Diana BraceEducational Policy & Leadership StudiesTeaching Assistant
Ben DulavitchDepartment of Cinematic ArtsTeaching Assistant
Liat GrafTheatre ArtsTA
Kurayi MahachiEpidemiologyGraduate Research Assistant
Lichun ZhangElectronic and Computer EngineeringPhD candidate / Research Assistant
Lichun ZhangElectronic and Computer EngineeringPh.D. Candidate / Research Assistant
Qing ZouDepartment of MathematicsTeaching Assistant
Kenneth HeitritterCLAS, Physics and AstronomyGraduate Research Fellow
Inga PopovaiteDepartment of Sociology and CriminologyGraduate Assistant
Shannon WachterPsychology and Brain SciencesTeaching Assistant
Brandon McCaslandCLAS, Communication StudiesTA
Pranav PrakashReligious Studies/Center for the BookTeaching Assistant
Logan DrakeCollege of Education, EPLSTA
Jamie RitzoCLAS, PhilosophyTeaching Assistant
Kofi OpamGraduate College, English DepartmentGraduate Teaching Assistant
Joshua FoleyCLAS, EnglishPhD Student/Instructor
Shannon Stuart-MaverPsych and Quantitative FoundationsTeaching Assistant
Shobhan RoyMechanical EngineeringGraduate research assistant
Ashley ParkerDepartment of PsychiatrGraduate Research Assistant
Wenxin LiSchool of MusicTeaching Assistant
Matthew LittleCLAS, Geography and Sustainability sciencesTeaching assistant
Moosa YahyazadehComputer ScienceGraduate Assistant
Yanqing ShenCollege of Liberal ArtsTeaching Assistant
Katherine RandazzoCLAS, Rhetoric & EnglishGraduate Teaching Assistant
Tyson PaskettClassicsGraduate Teaching Assistant
Addison KimmelAnthropologyGraduate Teaching Assistant
Ariel KershnerPBSTeaching Assistant
Alyssa ClaydenSchool of Social WorkPhD Student
Haoyi XiongGeographyTA
Corinne WattsAnthropologyGraduate Teaching Assistant
Cheol SohPsychological and Brain SciencesRA
Riley TroyerCLAS, Physics and AstronomyGraduate Research Assistant
Anna ReisetterCollege of Public Health, BiostatisticsPhD candidate
Daniel SimonsPhysicsTeaching Assistant
Luke BorlandCLAS, HistoryTeaching Assistant
CHRISTOPHER WEICinematic ArtsGraduate Worker
Kelly ClareCLAS, SAAH, SculptureGraduate TA
Garrett LewisHistoryGraduate Teaching Assistant / Ph.D Candidate
Laurel CarlsonAmerican Studies / EnglishGraduate Instructor
Andrew MistakPsychology and Brain SciencesGraduate Student
Jeremy GeragotelisCLAS, Rhetoric / Theatre ArtsInstructor
Sara Jane ErnsterGWSSTA
Jessica KraemerEnglishTA
Evana BodikerCLAS, EnglishGraduate Teaching Assistant
Bronwyn StewartCollege of Liberal Arts and Sciences, English DepartmentGraduate Student Instructor
Rachel RenaudClassicsGraduate Student
Luke PerezClassics/RhetoricGraduate Teaching Assistant
AndrewDepartment of Communication StudiesGraduate Teaching Assistant, Doctoral Student
Erica WalkerSociologyGraduate Teaching Assistant
Berkley ConnerCLAS, Communication StudiesGraduate Student
Kelsey KerinEnglishGEL Instructor
Dakota Thomas-WilhelmESL ProgramsLecturer
Kaylee LockettDWLLCGraduate Assistant
Reid DempseyEnglishGraduate Instructor
Annie BurkhartEnglishGraduate Teaching Assistant
Micki BurdickCommunication StudiesGraduate Teaching Assistant
Loren GlassEnglishProfessor
Anna-Maria CornellCLAS, ESLFaculty
Colin KosteleckyRhetoricLecturer
Will JenningsCLAS Rhetoric DepartmentAssoc. Professor of Instruction
Jeremy LowenthalEnglish DepartmentGEL Instructor/PhD Candidate
Kirsten JohnsonCLASGraduate Assistant
Debra TrustyClassicsLecturer, Director of undergraduate studies (Classics)
Elizabeth HandschyCLAS, International StudiesTeaching Assistant
Packy MoranCLAS, HHP/SRMLecturer
Jennifer JanechekRhetoricLecturer
Matthew HelmCLAS, EnglishTA
Hadley GalbraithCLAS, Department of French & ItalianGraduate Teaching Assistant
Ashley H DornDepartment of HistoryGraduate Student
Carlos Ruiz MartinezCLAS, Religious StudiesTeaching Assistant
Emily WiederCLAS, French and ItalianT.A.
Maddison McGannDepartment of EnglishGraduate Teaching Assistant
Cassidy FinleyPhilosophy DepartmentGraduate TA
Brittany BorghiRhetoricLecturer
Victoria BurnsEnglishPhD Student
John JepsenCLAS, HistoryGraduate Instructor
Caroline CheungEnglishPhd candidate
carol severinoCLAS, Rhetoricprofessor
Joshua LangsethClassicsAdjunct Assitant Professor
Pedro MartinezDepartment of EnglishTeaching Assistant in Rhetoric/PhD student
Breyan N NeylandRhetoricLecturer, Instructional Services Specialist
Paul SchmittCLAS, EnglishMA, PhD Candidate (ABD)
Andrea ScardinaReligious StudiesGraduate student/Teaching assistant
Jennifer ShererLaw, GWSSAdjunct Instructor
Kaitlyn Lindgren-HansenCollege of Liberal Arts and SciencesTA
Laura HayesEnglishGraduate Assitant
Michael MacDougallCLAS Religions StudiesTA
Megan KnightCLAS/Rhetoric DepartmentAssoc. Professor of Instruction
Erel MichaelisEnglish – NWPEnglish GEL TA
Kassie BaronEnglishGraduate Instructor