End the Fees Campaign

We should not have to pay to work. For too long, graduate TAs and RAs have footed the bill for basic services that the University of Iowa should provide to the employees who make this University work. Currently, graduate workers are expected to pay hundreds of dollars right as the semester starts, before our first paycheck. And international and first-year grads are expected to pay even more. 

Demonstrate that you want the University of Iowa to end the fees by signing this petition. In the past, COGS has won a 50% reduction in mandatory fees. The power of our petition to end the fees is tied to our strength as a union. Only a petition with a powerful union behind it will be able to end the fees. We can only improve our contract, working conditions, and win an end to fees through union power. Join the campaign and become a dues-paying member here. 

Questions? Read our End the Fees FAQ here: cogs.org/endthefees-faq

Who wants to End the Fees?