No Fees for Employees!

This semester, Spring 2020, COGS is launching a No Fees for Employees! campaign. Since our founding, in 1996, COGS has always fought for a 100% fees scholarship, because no one should have to pay to work. Our members have achieved a 50% fees scholarship, that covers all fees that the University labels as “mandatory.”

But starting in Fall 2016, the University started added a new fee, that they didn’t label as “mandatory,” but that graduate workers were still required to pay. This fee is the “Records and Documents Fee” new Iowa students pay. Simply because the University did not label this fee “mandatory,” it has not been covered by the COGS fee scholarship. Until we have a 100% fees scholarship, for all fees, the University can continue to charge us more and more money. Fees are simply tuition by another name!

Similarly, international graduate workers pay extra fees each semester that are also not covered by the fee scholarship. COGS will not stand for this discrimination against international graduate workers.

Starting this semester, COGS is organizing a 100% Fees Petition, email- and letter-writing events, and direct actions so we can secure a 100% fees scholarship. Sign the petition at, come to the next GMM on January 29th @ 5PM, and follow on Facebook for more information about our organizing campaign!