No Fees for Employees! Join COGS here!

I stand with UE Local 896/COGS in demanding that the University of Iowa cover 100% of all fees for graduate employees. While COGS has successfully negotiated reductions in fees through past contracts, the University continues to manipulate how fees are classified to keep increasing charges. Fees like those facing international and first-year graduate workers are not covered by this scholarship because, while required, they do not fall under the University’s official, but seemingly arbitrary, category of “mandatory fees.”

I believe no one should have to pay to work. Workers at any other job are not expected to pay mandatory fees–graduate workers should be no different. Until the Board of Regents and the University agrees to fully cover all fees, they will always have a mechanism to extract more money from graduate workers whenever they see fit. I support 100% fee coverage for all graduate workers at the University of Iowa. No Fees for Employees!