Union Structure

The Members Run This Union!

UE Local 896/COGS is a democratic, rank-and-file Union. Like our national Union, UE, Local 896/COGS doesn’t just depend on the members. It is the members. At all levels of our Union – Local, Regional, and National – democracy dictates. Members directly elect all Officers, Committee Chairs, Stewards, and Delegates on an annual basis. Every major position and policy taken by the Union is debated and voted on by the members. All major expenditures must be approved by the membership. The Coordinating Committee and Bargaining and Grievance Committee are at all times accountable to the membership. Likewise, the members must be and are actively involved in furthering the goals of the Union in order for them to be achieved. This is what we call rank-and-file democracy.

If you are already a UE/COGS member, consider getting involved in one of the committees listed below or running for a steward position in your department. If you can’t make such a commitment, make an effort to attend monthly Union meetings. What every member has to say is important. If you are not currently a member of UE/COGS, talk to your departmental steward or call the COGS office and sign a membership card today. Join the Union and have a voice!

The day-to-day business of the Union is carried out by the Coordinating Committee and the Bargaining and Grievance Committee. The Coordinating Committee consists of the following officers and chairpersons: President, Vice-President, Corresponding and Recording Officer, Financial Officer, Campus Chief Steward, Area Chief Stewards (4), Bargaining and Grievance Committee Member At Large, Unity Officer, International Representative, and the Chairperson of each each standing committee (see below).

The Bargaining and Grievance Committee consists of the President, Campus Chief Steward, Area Chief Stewards (4), and one at-large member.

For stewarding purposes, COGS is divided into different areas in order to better deal with issues around the campus. To find out your area, click here.

Current Officers and Chairpersons (2019-2020)

President: Michael Goldberg
Vice-President: Caleb Klipowicz
Corresponding & Recording Officer: Daniel Knipp
Financial Officer: Andrew McCubbin
Campus Chief Steward: Kezia Walker-Cecil
Blue Area Steward: Hadley Galbraith
Yellow Area Steward: John Jepsen
Red Area Steward: Amrei Oswald
Green Area Steward: Derick Delloro

B&G Member At Large: Kenneth Elliott
International Student Representative: Giulia Scialacqua
Unity Committee Chair: Erica Walker

Press & Publicity Committee Chair: Lizzy Handschy
Political Action Committee Chair: Danielle Hoskins
Labor Solidarity Committee Chair: Ashley Dorn
Social Committee Chair: Erik Gustafson
Trustees: Edward Keogh, James Earl, Diane Williams

UE Regional Council Delegates:

To contact any of the officers above, call (319) 337-5074 or email [email protected]

Union Staff

UE Field Organizer: Michael Hansen , 641-521-6755, [email protected]

COGS Organizer: David Goodner

COGS Office Coordinator: Lindsey Allemang

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