The University of Iowa has been creating economic insecurity by charging graduate students exorbitant FEES to cover basic University administrative costs. Graduate employees taking a full course load lose $932.00 in pay to these fees each year, making the wage scale and tuition scholarship much less meaningful. This is an entire month’s pay for graduate employees with 25% appointments. The fees the University of Iowa charges force graduate students into a cycle of poverty and debt. Our future is being leveraged to offload basic University expenses.

Now is the time to say PAY IT BACK! Join COGS Week of Action, August 25th to 29th.
You are invited to meet with your COGS organizer and participate in Actions around Fees this week. Please email [email protected] or call COGS at 319-337-5074/319-337-7136 to join these actions.  Pay It Back Fees Action Flyer

The week will culminate with a rally in front of Old Capital on Friday at noon and an Open House Reception at the COGS Office on Friday August 29th.

Friday, August 29th at NOON in front of the Old Capitol.
Meet at the COGS office – Old Brick, 20 East Market Street, Ste. 210 at 11:45 am to march together to the press conference.

Friday, August 29th at 3 pm at the COGS Office, Old Brick, 20 East Market Street, Ste. 210
COGS is a member run union and membership meetings are where we work together to develop our visions, strategies and tactics. Your ideas are important to us!

Friday, August 29th at 4 pm at the COGS Office, Old Brick
Come see the completely renovated COGS office, meet graduate students from all over the University and join us in discussion about current events impacting the University and graduate students in particular. Food and drinks will be provided. Come help us celebrate our beautiful new office.

Pay It Back Fees Action Flyer