2021-2022 Coordinating Committee Election Slate

Coordinating Committee Election Slate



Hadley Galbraith

I am in my sixth year as a PhD student in French & Francophone World Studies, and I’ve been a member of COGS for most of my time as a graduate student at the University of Iowa. I became more involved in 2017 when the Iowa legislature proposed changes to Chapter 20 that would make it harder for public sector unions like COGS to exist (and which they eventually passed). In 2019-2020, I have served on the Coordinating Committee as the Blue Area Steward, working to support students through grievances and other issues with TA contracts, build the stewards network, and contribute to COGS initiatives more broadly. This past year, I remained involved with COGS by volunteering with the Re-Certification Election, serving on the Press and Publicity Committee, helping when I could with organizing, and contributing to efforts last summer and over the course of the year to advocate for worker safety. One of the things I value most is getting to know students from diverse disciplines and learning about their experiences as graduate students and employees of the university. I would love the opportunity to lead COGS in our ongoing work to ensure those experiences are the best they can be, to fight for the safety and well-being of all graduate workers, and to make COGS an inclusive and empowering space for our community.

Vice President 

John Tappen

I am entering my third year in the Department of American Studies, where I am also a TA. In the last year, I served the union as the Blue Area Steward, assisting with grad worker grievances and working with the stewards council and organizing committee to help build power within the area. This organizing work is something I hope to continue in the role of Vice President, working to strengthen the stewards network, engaging with and activating all departments across the university, and attending to and organizing simultaneous campaigns which grow out of the organic needs of grad workers. 

Corresponding and Recording Officer

Ariane Thomas

Ariane earned her Master’s in forensic anthropology from the University of Montana and transitioned to evolutionary genetics for the PhD. She is a PhD candidate in biological anthropology studying the role of human culture on ancient Indigenous and European dog DNA of the Americas. She has a beagle and a polydactyl cat, and she enjoys hiking and photography.

Financial Officer

Erica Walker

I have spent the past year learning the ropes of the Financial Officer position, and I am excited to be running again! I love this job because while much of the work takes place behind the scenes, keeping our finances in order is a vital part of COGS’ ability to stay active and organized, and to keep advocating for graduate workers on campus and in the community. If I am elected again, I hope to continue working to digitize more of our financial systems and find creative new ways for us to save money. 

Unity Officer

Luke Perez

Luke Perez is currently a second year graduate student in the Classics Department working on their Masters; after which they plan to pursue a PhD at Iowa. Luke has worked on the Unity Committee and with Micki Burdick, the current chair; they are currently working with the Library to create protocols for accessible learning.

at large Bargaining and Grievance Committee member

Kezia Walker

Hi! I’m a Ph.D. student in the Department of Linguistics and have served the last two years as the Chief Campus Steward of COGS. This year, as I go into writing my dissertation, I hope to be able to continue to serve my fellow graduate workers by helping to pass on the knowledge and experience of working as a departmental steward, area steward, and campus-wide steward as the Bargaining and Grievance at Large Officer. One huge thing I value about COGS is the ability to be part of a community of researchers, teachers, and colleagues who share knowledge and support one another through the difficulties of grad school and life in general. My vision for COGS is that we continue to grow as a supportive and justice-seeking community across the University of Iowa and make Iowa City and the University itself a more just and equitable place to live and work.

Press and Publicity

Jay Sorrenson

Social Chair

Rachel Maller

Rachel Maller is a third-year PhD student in the Sociology department. Her research interests broadly are in social stratification and education. She has worked as an RA at the Public Policy Center and now at the Center for Evaluation and Assessment. She previously served as Social Chair and is looking to serve again in this capacity. Her goal is to host social events that bring together graduate students and create a sense of community, especially as more people get vaccinated and we have more flexibility for events next year.

Muhammad Hammad

Hammad is a 5th year PhD candidate in the Computer Science Department, whose research focuses mostly on securing smart home IoT devices from malicious entities. He has served as a Steward for the Computer Science Department in the Red Area for the past two years and moderates the CS Graduate Student Discord server. His hobbies in his spare time mostly involve tinkering with electronic peripherals, video games and tabletop games, with an avid interest in the Fighting Game Community (or FGC as it is known). As Social Chair, Hammad aims to introduce more social events at COGS, by engaging with stewards across the university for department specific events and also cross department events. Hammad aims to incorporate both digital and in person events (as the pandemic situation allows) in the COGS calendar

Political and Legislative Action

Dan Stanfield

Dan Stanfield (he/him) is a 2nd year PhD student in Communication Studies. His research focuses on disability studies which is significant for COGS because it has resulted in a commitment to access and accessibility in all areas. If elected to be the Political and Legislative Action chair his work would focus on maximizing the political power of COGS as a political institution. Unions, especially ours, are an intrinsically political body, and maximizing that political power is essential to ensuring the best outcomes for all graduate student workers at the University of Iowa.

Vacant Positions

International Student Representative

Chief Campus Steward

Green Area Steward

Red Area Steward

Yellow Area Steward

Blue Area Steward

Labor Solidarity