COGS Updates on COVID-19

Due to COVID-19 and the UI moving classes online, COGS is making changes to our organizing to continue to support graduate workers during these difficult times.

Organizing: COGS has cancelled all in-person organizing events for the Spring Semester, including the May 1st No Fees Rally.

General Meetings: COGS will hold digital general membership meetings. We are changing the date of our April meeting to April 14th at 5:30PM. Stay tuned to email, social media, and our website for more details on how to attend.

Elections: COGS will still hold elections for 2020-2021 Coordinating Committee Members. Elections will be held April 8-10.  All current dues-paying members are eligible to vote.  In order to receive your ballot, please email [email protected] with your full name and your work department no later than April 10th at 6pm.  The election committee will send out ballots at 11am and 6pm every day of the election after verifying that each request is from a dues-paying member and that member has not already voted.  The ballots will be available until the end of the day on April 10th.
Candidate bios are available: here.

Graduate Worker Support: We don’t know how the next few weeks will go, but we expect things to be challenging, especially for TAs and RAs with newfound responsibilities to make last minute adjustments to teaching and research. So first of all, thank you! We all know this transition wouldn’t be possible without your hard work! Second, COGS wants to make sure graduate student workers are supported through these changes and that there aren’t any undue burdens on your time and energy.

The changes required for this transition may include: changes to your workload, changes in your work conditions, working hours, pay changes, health care concerns, and/or changes in your research schedule. If you experience any issues on this list, please reach out to one of our officers. Even if you do not believe the changes you are experiencing are grievable issues, we want to better understand how this transition is impacting your employment as a graduate worker. Any and all comments you have about your experiences are useful information. We are here for you and are striving to advocate for a safe and healthy workplace for all of us.

Kezia Walker-Cecil ([email protected])
Chief Campus Steward 
Hadley Galbraith ([email protected])
Blue area steward: American Studies, Art & Art History, Asian Languages, Center for the Book, Cinema & Comp Lit, Creative Writing, English, French & Italian, German, Graduate College – Admin, International Writing, Library and Info Science, Library Administration, Linguistics, Music, Non-Credit Programs, Philosophy, Religion, Rhetoric, Russian, Spanish & Portuguese, Theater Arts, Women’s Studies
John Jepsen ([email protected])
Yellow Area Steward: Anthropology, Broadcasting Services, Classics, Communication Studies, Asian and Pacific Studies, Intl & Compar Studies, Curriculum, Dance, Education, Evaluation, Geography, History, Iowa Testing Programs, ITS, Journalism, Labor Center, Language Media Center, Learning Resource, Natural history Museum, Plan Policy and Leadership, Political Science, Psych and Quant Foundations, Psychology, Sociology, Student Services, Urban & Regional Planning, Women’s Resource & Action Center
Amrei Oswald ([email protected])
Red Area Steward: Accounting, Athletics Facility, Biocatalysis/Bioprocess, Biological Sciences, Business, CAD-Research Center for Career Development, Chemistry, Computer Science, Counseling, Rehab & Student Servs, DOWS, Economics, Finance, Geology/Geoscience, Global, Regional, and Environmental Planning, International Education, Iowa Trainers, Management Sciences, Marketing, Mathematics, Physics & Astronomy, Recreational Services, Residence Hall Ed. Program, Social Work, Statistics and Actuarial Science
Derick Delloro ([email protected])
Green Area Steward: Anatomy & Cell Biology, Biochemistry, Engineering, Food and Nutrition Health Services, Industrial Engineering, Institute for Hydraulic Research, Internal Medicine, Mechanical Engineering, Medicinal Natural Medicine, Microbiology, NADS and Simulation Neurology, Nursing, Ophthalmology, Otolaryngology, Pathology, Pediatrics, Pharmaceutics, Pharmacology, Pharmacy, Physical Therapy, Physiology, Prev. & Com. Dentistry, Preventive Medicine, Psychiatry, Public Policy Center, Radiation Research, Radiology, Speech Pathology, SHLPS, Surgery
Giulia Scialacqua ([email protected])
International student representative 
Kenneth Elliot ([email protected])
Bargaining, Grievance, and Organizing at Large (all other issues)
Michael Goldberg ([email protected])
Caleb Klipowicz ([email protected])
Vice President