Voting Is Open!

Directions for Voting:

1. Click “read more” below to open this post.

2. Click here to vote for a redirect link to the state website.

3. Using your social security number (or your student ID if you are an international student) fill out the form: The login is somewhat strange- it’s your birthday numbers and your last four of your social all in one line with no spaces, then the last four of your social again. 

For international students who do not yet have a Social Security number, enter the last four digits of your University ID.

4. Vote yes to retain cogs as our certified union, then yes again to keep your vote

5. CONFIRM your vote or it doesn’t count (Must hit that green bar along the bottom)

6. Please tell us that you voted here because we will be following up with people who haven’t. Please talk to each of your colleagues to confirm that they have voted. Remember that not voting is the same as voting ‘no’.