What is this election I got an email about?

The University sent an email on Friday, August 31st titled: Notices for Recertification Election. If you follow the link in the email or here, there is very technical language about this important vote. In order to recertify, or continue as your union, you must vote yes in this election from October 15-29th. If we do not get 50%+1 of all TAs and RAs (not just members) to vote to “recertify” COGS as your union, we no longer can. This means that we cannot bargain a new contract for the 2019-2021 school year and that your current contract that you signed for Fall 2018 is nullified. We have been negotiating contracts for over 20 years and have won important victories such as tuition coverage, great healthcare, and fee coverage. We want to continue this fight but need your help. By not voting, it is the same as voting ‘no’, you must vote ‘yes’ for COGS to continue to represent you. Please direct any questions and sign up to volunteer to help spread the word in your departments by emailing us at [email protected].