COGS Officer Nominee Bios


  Nominations Brief Biography
President Laura Szech I’m a student in the College of Education and a long time union activist. I grew up in a loud and proud union household and I joined my first union right away in my public school teaching career. I have been active in COGS since I started here in 2015. I’ve been the recording secretary, the VP, and would like to serve as your President!
Vice President Kenneth Elliott I’m a student in Classics and a longtime COGS member.  I was previously Yellow Area Steward and Classics steward, and have been active in membership drives for several years.
Recording Officer Bailey Kelley I’ve been actively involved in graduate student unions since 2012 and have served as Yellow Area Steward, VP, and President of COGS. I also have experience as secretary for other organizations and feel that I could best serve COGS as the next recording officer.
Financial Officer Andrew McCubbin  
Chief Campus Steward Jaclyn Carver Jaclyn is a student in English. She has been a COGS member since 2012, and she has served as social chair and chief campus steward.
Blue Area Steward    
Yellow Area Steward John Jepsen I am a history student who focuses on energy, environment, and labor. I have volunteered with COGS during both Blitzes this past year, and the experience taught me that creating relationships is the key to a sustainable union. As an area steward I would seek to create relationships across the disciplines in order to organize all graduate students under the COGS banner. This is a watershed moment for this organization and I want to be of service to my fellow graduate employees in the pursuit of fair wages, fair treatment, and a just workplace.
Red Area Steward Erik Gustafson I am a student in the physics department. I have previously served as social chair. I have volunteered extensively with blitz. And helping generate membership in our union.
Green Area Steward    
B&G at Large Michael Goldberg I’m a student in the College of Education and a long-time union supporter, both as a graduate student and formerly as a public school teacher. I have served as B&G at large for one year, and hope to continue the fight for our benefits.
International Student Rep Yujia Lyu I am a student from the Department of Sociology, focusing on social stratification and inequality. As an international student, I have greatly benefited from COGS’s endeavor to fight for graduate  student benefits. And passing this legacy and letting it benefit more students on campus becomes the main reason why I joined COGS and want to serve as the International Student Representative.
Social Chair Inga Popovaite I am a Sociology PhD student who studies group processes. I have been COGS member since my first day in grad school. I have served as International Student Rep before. As a Social Chair, I will work towards increasing group cohesion, feeling of belonging and overall positive emotional experience among COGS members.
Unity Chair    
Press and Publicity Chair    
Political Action Chair Danielle Hoskins I have an interest in COGS and politics.  I am a PhD candidate in the History Department, working on a dissertation about American women in politics in the postwar era. I have been a COGS member for several years now, but I have been looking for a chance to take a more active role in COGS. I do have some experience regarding politics, as I volunteered during the 2016 campaign season.  In the past I have been a delegate to the US Senate Youth Program, and on campus I have been a Graduate Student Senate representative, and co-President of the Graduate History Society.
Labor Solidarity Chair    
Trustee James Earl  
Trustee Edward Keogh  
UE Field Organizer    
UE Field Organizer    
COGS Office Coordinator    
COGS Organizer