COGS Officer Elections 2017-2018

Dear COGS Membership:
The time has come to elect our leadership for the next year. A tremendous thank you to our outgoing leadership for their hard work on a trying time. Voting is open from April 12 to April 14 at 6:00 pm via online survey. COGS members should receive an email with a link.

These are the nominees:


Bailey Kailey

Bailey Kelley is a third year PhD student in the Communication Studies department. She has been involved in COGS since her first semester, bringing union experience from her master’s program and serving as department steward, trustee, and, most recently, Vice President of Organizing. In this hostile political climate, she is committed to maintaining the strength of our union and protecting the rights of graduate student workers.


Laura Szech

I’m a second-year doctoral student in the College of Education, Language, Literacy, and Culture program.  I’m currently the COGS Recording Secretary and a steward for my department. I am passionate about helping to educate and organize our membership through these very difficult times ahead!

Recording Secretary

Landon Elkind

Landon D. C. Elkind is the current president and past treasurer of COGS. He will be a 5th-year in philosophy. As he is on fellowship, he will happily devote some time to serving U. Iowa’s graduate workers


Chris Adams

I’m currently the treasurer and have been a member of COGS since I came here–in fact, I signed up for COGS before I signed up for classes. I’m in the department of mathematics and am currently finishing up my second year.

Chief Campus Steward

Jaclyn Carver

Jaclyn is a PhD student in her fifth year in the English Department. For the past year, she has planned socials and other events while serving as Social Chair.

Blue Area Steward

Kenneth Elliott

(no bio provided)

Red Area Steward

Andrew McCubbin

I am a third year in the Physics PhD program. I have been active in COGS as the red area steward since summer 2016. I try to be the best advocate I can for all graduate student employees. In light of the recent changes to our contract, I hope to work with others on the coordinating committee and area stewards to ensure our grievance process remains within the policy changes being enacted by the University. I am committed to making sure we hold the university accountable to the needs and rights of graduate student employees and that our voices are heard and acknowledged

B and G At Large

Holly McKee

Holly McKee is a second year MA student in the American Studies department. Beginning in the fall, she will be pursuing her MS in the School of Urban & Regional Planning. She has served for two years as the AMST/SPST departmental steward and one year as the Bargaining & Grievances Steward At-Large, during the most recent contract negotiations. Believing that COGS is indispensable to the Graduate College, she looks forward to future membership recruitment, political action, and fighting for the rights of her colleagues (alongside those colleagues)!

Social Chair:

Erik Gustafson

(no bio provided)

Unity Chair:

Ana Monica Rasila

(no bio provided)

Labor and Solidarity:

Scott Olson

I’m a second-year Ph.D. student in Cultural Anthropology, and I’m interested in continuing to serve as Labor and Solidarity Chair. I started in that position this semester, and have 5+ years of organizing experience around LGBT and HIV issues where coordinating multiple organizations for coalitional activist work was an important part of my job. I hope to have your vote!

Green Area Steward:

No nominee

Yellow Area Steward:

No nominee

International Student Representative:

No nominee

Press and Publicity

No nominee

Political Action Chair

No nominee