COGS! This is your call to arms. The Iowa legislature has introduced HSB 84 (link). This bill is horrible: it goes even further than Wisconsin’s Act 10 in busting unions and attacking our workers’ rights. Below are some ways to FIGHT!

A summary of key points can be found here (link). Here is a flyer that explains its key provisions (link). We urge you to come to Des Moines to give testimony about the bill on Monday (02/13) at 6 pm! We would leave Old Brick at 3 pm and return after the proceedings. Sign up here! (link) And carpool with COGS by signing up here! (link)

And here are four quick things you can do to FIGHT against this bill!
1. Take 10 minutes to CALL and WRITE state legislators EACH DAY before it passes!
Here is a script for calling or writing (link). Some folks we think might be moved are listed below:
–Michael Breitbach (District 28, Clayton County) (563)920-7399  [email protected]
–Dan Dawson (District 8, Council Bluffs) (712)256-1199 [email protected]
–Jeff Edler (District 36, Marshall County) (641)751-5902 [email protected]
–Tom Greene (District 44, Burlington) (319)750-6579 [email protected]
–Craig Johnson (District 32, Buchanan County) (319)334-2413 [email protected]
–Mark Lofgren (District 46, Muscatine) (563)272-8683 [email protected]

2. Ask ANYONE you know living in Iowa to call their state legislators EACH DAY!
If you have family or friends in Iowa (especially in Republican districts), tell them to take 5 minutes to call their state legislators EVERYDAY before this bill passes! You can tell your students, too! They can find their state legislators here:

We are asking folks to phone-bank for one-hour shifts from 5-8 pm on 02/09. Solidarity pizza is provided. Sign up here! (link)

4. TELL EVERYONE – especially your fellow graduate workers!
Educating people about what is going on is critical. This is the time to join the fight. And this fight belongs to all graduate workers. Our healthcare and tuition coverage is on the line. Our union is on the line.
If you want to schedule a departmental visit, just e-mail [email protected]!