Don’t Let Iowa Become the Next Wisconsin! Act now!

What’s at stake in the 2012 election? As most COGS members are aware, last year the Republican Governor of Wisconsin and the Republican controlled Wisconsin state legislature terminated state workers’ rights to collectively bargain. In June, Iowa’s Republican Governor, Terry Branstad, expressed support for Wisconsin’s hostile approach to workers, stating, “Every state’s situation’s a little different … but we kind of follow what each other is doing, and I’ve been inspired.” Keeping Branstad’s inspiration from becoming reality over the past two years has been the Democratic Party’s razor thin majority of 26 to 24 in the Iowa State Senate.

To ensure COGS and other unions in Iowa are able to continue negotiating for basic economic rights and to guarantee students here can begin improving their access quality education, COGS is in the midst of a determined get-out-the-vote effort for the November election. Foremost, it is imperative that COGS members are registered to vote in the upcoming election. If you are not registered to vote, and you would like to vote in Iowa, information and a registration form can be downloaded at the Iowa Secretary of State’s website:

In addition, COGS members are encouraged to participate in early voting. Early voting ballots in Johnson County can be requested from the auditor’s office, which has posted information and the request form on their website: All citizens have the right to request an early ballot, and doing so does not require being away from the state on Election Day. Once requested, early voting ballots will be mailed to you beginning the last week of September. Voting early offers numerous benefits for both you and the political campaigns. With high voter turnout expected, you can also avoid long lines and delays at polling places on Election Day and vote in the comfort of your own home with the ability to research the candidates and issues your leisure with the ballot in front of you. Voting early assists political campaigns by securing supporters votes in advance, allowing campaign workers and volunteers to not waste time reminding you to vote, freeing up time and resources for less enthusiastic supporters as election day nears.

Finally, COGS is currently seeking member volunteers to help Nate Willems, a candidate for the Iowa State Senate. Willems is a University of Iowa Law School graduate and former COGS member. He is currently the State Representative, and is running for State Senate in the newly created 48th district located north of Iowa City in the Mount Vernon area. COGS members are needed to knock on doors in the remaining weekends between now and Election Day. If you are interested in helping Willems get elected to the state senate and ensure our firewall remains, contact COGS political action chair, Josh Cochran, at [email protected].

Most important of all is remember to VOTE: TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 6.

In solidarity,

Josh Cochran

COGS Political Action Chair