The Des Moines Register says, “Lawmakers should study fees while debating tuition freeze”

The Des Moines Register┬áreleased an editorial based on COGS’ white paper about fees, “Tuition By Another Name”: Lawmakers should study fees while debating tuition freeze The union that represents 2,300 graduate workers at the University of Iowa injected some substantive information last week into the debate over tuition increases at Iowa’s public universities. The Campaign … Read more

Tuition By Another Name: Student Fees Lack Transparency and Contribute to the Student Debt Crisis

UE Local 896 COGS released a white paper on Tuesday, December 16, 2014 discussing the lack of transparency and public accountability concerning student fees. COGS is concerned that “fees” are just tuition by another name, which allow UI and the Iowa Board of Regents to claim that tuition is “frozen” while still increasing individual costs … Read more