Campus Policing Experiences

In light of recent events in Minneapolis, Louisville, around the country, and right here in Iowa City, COGS is looking to take specific action around policing on campus and in Iowa City. We want to keep our members and our students safe. After ICPD tear gassed our members and our students the night of June 3rd, 2020, we recognize that we need to take both immediate and sustained action to address police brutality in our community.

We are currently conducting research into policing policies in Iowa City, at the University of Iowa, and about the relationships between UIPD and ICPD so that we can take action to demand change to improve the safety of our members and students.

If you have had any kind of experience with UIPD or ICPD and would like to share with us to inform our actions, please take this survey. If you have any ideas about what policy actions we should demand, please take this survey.