COGS Supports TAA and all Wisconsin Workers

At a meeting February 18, COGS members unanimously passed a resolution in support of the Teaching Assistant Association at the University of Wisconsin, Madison and all Wisconsin workers. The resolutions is below.

Several COGS members have gone to Madison to support the workers in their rallies outside and occupation of the Wisconsin State Capitol Building. Some also attended the solidarity rally in Des Moines, Feb. 22.


WHEREAS the Teaching Assistants’ Association at the University of Wisconsin, Madison was the first recognized collective bargaining unit of graduate employees in the United States and thus an important ally to COGS, and

WHEREAS almost all public employees’ rights to collective bargaining in Wisconsin, including TAA’s, are under attack by Republican Governor Scott Walker’s proposed legislation, and

WHEREAS TAA and other unions in Wisconsin are mobilizing their own members as well as thousands of other community supporters to stop this dangerous assault on the rights of working people,

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that UE Local 896-COGS stands in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Wisconsin against this legislation.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that COGS will make available our remaining 2010-2011 Labor Solidarity and Political Action budgets towards the cost of gas for those COGS members traveling to the actions against this legislation in Wisconsin.

COGS responds to increased contingent labor at the University of Iowa

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