Why Join UE-COGS?


UE-COGS is the union for all TAs and RAs at the University of Iowa. UE-COGS is an organization run by TAs and RAs from all over campus. Since 1996 UE-COGS has won....

The strength of any union is its membership. Since 1996 UE-COGS members have worked tirelessly to improve conditions for all graduate employees at the University of Iowa. UE-COGS is democratic, member run union. Your voice is needed, whatever department you come from. Having reaped the benefits of unionization, you can increase the ability of UE-COGS to advance all of our rights as professionals by joining the union.

What Rights and Privileges Come With Membership?

All UE-COGS members have an equal vote on contract and grievance issues, policy positions, and union governance. All UE-COGS members have the right to bring anything before the membership. All UE-COGS members have the right to be nominated and elected to any UE-COGS position, from president to departmental steward.

UE-COGS members also receive the monthly newsletter Cognition and regular e-mail updates so they can stay up-to-date on current issues. Most importantly, UE-COGS members get a say in a democratic union that strives to make working conditions, pay, and benefits the best they can be.

How Much Are Dues and What Do They Go To?

Dues are $20.76 a month. Dues are automatically deducted from your paycheck once you turn in your membership card. Members only pay dues during the months they receive a check for employment from the University.

Like any organization, UE-COGS depends on finances to exist and be effective. Dues fund union activities, office space, equipment, and postage costs. Dues are also used whenever a grievance goes to arbitration so that we can defend our contract rights. Dues enable UE-COGS to hire a part-time office coordinator and part-time organizer. Finally, a portion of our dues goes to our national union, the UE. In return, the UE provides us with legal assistance and a national union field organizer who assist us in contract negotiations, grievance handling and arbitration, training, and organizing.

How do I join?

In order to join, you simply need to fill out a membership card and send it to COGS and send it to UE-COGS, 20 E. Market Street, Suite 210, Iowa City IA 52245.