You are the Union and the Union is YOU!

Member involvement makes the wheels of COGS turn: every member giving a little creates our strength. Committee activity is one important, enjoyable, and easy way to contribute... consider joining a COGS committee! Work with COGS members from across campus!

Below is a list of committees and their contact people. Please e-mail ( or call COGS at 337-5074 to inquire about or join a committee!

Committee Activities Suggested time commitment Contact
Press & Publicity Keeps members up to date on the union's activities and documents the life of the organization by maintaining the union web site, serving as a liason to the media, distributing posters, and publishing the union newsletter, COGNITION.

1 hr./ month for Poster Crew (put up posters on COGS bulletin boards)




3-4 hrs./month for press releases and COGNITION production or website maintenance.

A.C. Hawley

Unity Helps to ensure that differences of race, gender, sexual orientation, and class origin do not divide us, as our struggle for dignity and improved working conditions unites us. 3-4 hrs./month

Zhang Zheng

Organizing Informs non-members about COGS and encourages them to join. Organizers visit non-members in their offices and homes, assist stewards in organizing departments, and produce organizing literature. 3-4 hrs./month

Sarah Eikleberry

Political Action Tracks and alerts members to proposed legislation and other political action that will impact us and all public employees, and organizes our response. 2-3 hrs./month
Labor Solidarity Builds bonds and communication channels with other unions, with campuses across the nation, and with the larger labor movement. 3-4 hrs./month

Alejandro Muzzio

Social Plans events that build understanding and friendships among members across departments, nationalities, and backgrounds, and thus solidifies the social foundation that helps keep the union vital and growing. 1-2 hrs./month

Kari Thompson

"The Members Run This Union"