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(319) 337-5074

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General Membership Meeting: Mar. 21, 5:30 pm, COGS Office--Officer nominations open! (Close Mar. 25)

COGSapalooza: Mar. 22, 7-10 pm, The Mill

Officer Elections: April 12-13, Times and Locations TBA

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COGS supports Wisconsin!

2011-2013 Contract has been ratified by our membership!

The new contract takes effect July 1, 2011.

Contract highlights inlcude: tuition scholarship at 100% CLAS tuition rate, 2% raise 2011-2012 and 2.5% raise 2012-2013!

See the Difference the Union has made for Grad Students...

Before UE-COGS
With UE-COGS 1996-Present

Salaries for RAs and TAs at the University of Iowa ranked in the bottom half of the Big Ten

Salaries for RAs and TAs at the University of Iowa rank in the top half of the Big Ten

Tuition Scholarships  
Majority of graduate employees not granted a tuition scholarship for TA or RA work All TAs and RAs are guaranteed partial tuition scholarships. In 2010, full-time students will receive $3,612 in tuition scholarships each semester.
Health Insurance  

No preventive care
No dental plan
No prescription drug coverage
No mental health coverage
Employees paid the full cost of dependent insurance

Full preventive care - $0 per visit
Full dental plan
Full prescription drug coverage
Full mental health coverage
Employees only pay 30% of cost for dependent insurance
Workplace Rights  
No grievance procedure
No protection against overwork
No appointment posting and letters
No job security
No protected paid leave
Grievance procedure with binding arbitration
Contract protections against overwork
Departments post appointments and give appointment letters by deadlines
Departments must honor initial promises of employment
Paid leaves including sick leave, family illness leave, bereavement leave, and jury duty

Current Contract

COGS members ratified a two-year contract in spring 2009 that went into effect on July 1, 2009. More information on this contract can be found here. If you have any questions on the new contract, contact the COGS Office at 337-5074.

What is COGS?

UE Local 896/COGS represents approximately 2,500 Teaching and Research Assistants at the University of Iowa. We are a democratic, rank-and-file union, or, put more simply: The Members Run This Union!

Organized in 1996, the members of UE Local 896/COGS dedicate themselves to the fight for just salaries, benefits and working conditions for all Teaching and Research Assistants.

The University of Iowa Works Because We Do!

Do You Know Your Steward?

Stewards are the backbone of UE Local 896 - COGS, serving as the official union representative in departments around campus. All departments should have at least one union steward. Click here to see a list of the stewards that have been reported to the UE-COGS Office. If your department steward is not listed, please contact us at If you are interested in being a steward or in electing a steward for your department, contact one of the chief stewards at